Where do I find my cPanel

I have a company doing a job for me and they asked access to my cPanel.
I know I have had one with previous hosts but since being with Cloudflare, I don’t know where to find it.
Also, is it safe to share my login to cPanel?


Cloudflare is not a host, so I am afraid you’ll have to ask your actual host for that information.

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Thanks, would that be the person who has my url’s?

Your host, the one you are paying to host your site. You could try something like domain.com:2082 but that’s rather a guess. Just contact your host and they should be able to provide you with that information.

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ok, I knew who that was until I joined GrooveFunnels. I have no cPanel from them I believe

I am afraid I am not familiar with their services, but AFAIK they only provide a basic page, so most likely you won’t have any “proper” cpanel at this point.

What does that company want to change?

I have bought a PLR and took on for them to totally put it together for me. I suspect I may have to give them access to my GrooveFunnels account

Possible, just be careful, as always, with handing out your user credentials.


Thank you, I will be

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