Where do I enter domain name to Transfer to Cloudflare?

I have the authentication code from Namecheap, found the domain transfer guide on Cloudflare. Have completed the steps but cannot locate where I put the domain name to start the transfer. The Transfer section states that I have no domain to transfer, which is not surprising because I haven’t told them what domain name I want to transfer. Can’t find a box to complete domain name either so stuck. Oh and it might be an idea for Cloudflare when a person looks up a domain that they already own and it shows it as owned, then they can tick a label that says owner wishes to transfer this domain, it then feeds them into the domain transfer funnel and asks for transfer authentication code. This would be a lot sharper than the current process.

So anyone on the community able to help?

Is the TLD in this list?

Yes. its an Academy.

I think that reading around the issue, it looks like I have to have a hosting account registered with Cloudflare with a hosting package before it will let me add a site?

So it look like it is ok to register new domains with Cloudflare, but not so easy to transfer existing domains.

Cloudflare Registrar is designed for domains that use Cloudflare. So to use Registrar, the domain has to already be on Cloudflare if it’s a transfer, or will be on Cloudflare if it’s a new registration.

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