Where do I add users to my team?

I see nothing about members or anything…im on the free plan where it says up to 50 users…

These are people that authenticate to your Access applications. You set up an identity Provider (IdP) and anyone that logs in to your Access organization will show up under your ‘Users’.

To have people sign in, you can either set up Gateway or set up web applications.

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When you create an application you can determine a policy on who can access it. The policy could be a one-time password send via email to only certain allowed addresses or domains, or a third-party identity provider like Office 365.

Every person who completes the login is a member.

It’s confusing because you don’t add people manually. CloudFlare picks them up from people who try to access resources, regardless if it is Access or Gateway (Depending on the method). For example - if you add WARP+ devices, those users who auth to install and join Teams account will be counted. Any user that logs in via access to a an app will be counted.