Where do I add new IP address?

I have a new IP address from my host. Where and how do I add it on Cloudflare?

A new IP address for what?

If you’re referring to the IP they gave you to point at for hosting, then you’ll need to update this in your DNS. This is a good guide - it applies even if you’re not changing host specifically, and just tells you how to update your DNS records:

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Thank you. I added. What next? My website is still down. I have an SSL with Cloudflare.

Can you share any more information? What exactly did your host tell you to do? What’s the URL of your site? What error are you seeing?

I have a 522 error. They said they were migrating my hosting account. URL is jasongregory. org
I have been battling this for days. For no reason my site is down. GoDaddy say its Cloudflares fault and Cloudflare says its GoDaddy’s. The only loser is me because no one seems to fix the problem.

A 522 indicates that Cloudflare was not able to communicate with your origin: Community Tip - Fixing Error 522: Connection timed out

Can you share a screenshot of your DNS configuration within Cloudflare, with any sensitive information obfuscated?

Looking at https://www.whatsmydns.net/#A/jasongregory.org I see the Cloudflare DNS fine, so this is likely either an issue on GoDaddy’s end, or a misconfiguration with your DNS settings in the Cloudflare dash.

I am not too tech savvy. So when it gets complicated, I draw a blank because this is not my field. I’m just hoping an expert at Cloudflare can help me. When you say attach the configuration, do you mean a screenshot of the DNS management page with the IP’s etc?

Step one, get everything working properly with your server first before you try to send traffic through Cloudflare. This simplifies troubleshooting tremendously. For now, either grey-cloud your DNS entries or use the “pause Cloudflare” option. And please post a screenshot of your DNS page.

Once your site is up & accessible “directly” and everything is validated as working properly then you can try sending the traffic through Cloudflare again.

Actually it looks like your site is up… is it still down for you?

How do I know everything is working with my server. I find it frustrating that no one who works for Clouflare can actually help me. No disrespect, I know you think your message is simple for you, but it is difficult for me to understand. I’m not tech savvy. That is why I thought I have support on Cloudflare. But there is no way to contact them. No chat, no email, nothing. This is day 4 now and still zero progress.

Your site seems to be at least sporadically up but I’m getting inconsistent results

Please use the “Pause Cloudflare” option and post a screenshot of your DNS page

Where is the pause option?

on the overview page for your domain

Okay I see what the issue is… you have two A records for your site, and I assume was your old hosting? You need to delete that A record.

I have attached the DNS records. So deleting that old hosting is fine? I am still with the same host. Is it simple to delete?

Keep the A record for, delete the A record for

Don’t unpause yet because we may have a certificate issue to deal with as well

OK, deleted. What about the admin and email one with the same IP?

You can delete those as well, the IP is hard down so there’s no reason to have any DNS records pointing to it.

Then hang out a few minutes while the DNS stabilizes

Aren’t the admin and email IP link to the admin section of my wordpress? Or is everything contained in one IP??

Actually, it is working now. Do I still need to delete the admin and email type A’s?