Where can I setup orign server


Please can anyone tell me how I can tell the cloudflare system where the origin files are?

In a normal reverse proxy setup must I tell the reverse proxy where the backend servers are but I haven’t found this in the cloudflare dashboard.

Maybe cloudflare call this orginin/backend server different.

Thanks for help and best regards


You have to use Cloudflare DNS. That way it knows the IP address for your domain, then it proxies everything from your server, and caches some of the content.



But how can I then stay in the specific domain?

for example I have now ein business page xxx.com.au which redirects
to xxx.com how can I keep xxx.com.au in the browser?


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You can’t easily hide an origin server. The origin server itself has to respond to requests for the business page.

For example: I have example.com and example.tk. I want both to be the same. I created example.tk, but the server itself has an alias that responds to example.com. You can also do this with a CNAME.

Either way, you have to configure the origin server to do this. Cloudflare is a DNS and proxy/security service. Cloudflare can’t rename your origin server’s domain.