Where can I set up CloudFlare for all the countries except China?

I have been using Cloudflare for my website. I have 1 database, 1 server and 1 domain name. And I want the website to be visited from China and other countries.

But I notice that Cloudflare CDN does not work well in China, the speed is not good (I’m not talking about Cloudflare’s partnership with Baidu which is only available for entreprise accounts).

So what I want to do, is to use a Chinese CDN for Chinese visitors, and Cloudflare for all the visitors from other countries.

Does anyone know what I should set up in Cloudflare for this purpose?


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It is impossible to do so, unless you delegate a subdomain to a different CDN in China and you redirect the users to that using a Worker.

The alternative would be their China option, you should probably contact their sales department. It would be expensive though.


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