Where can I see all cache files in Cloudflare server?

I want to check the cache file in cloudfilare, can anyone tell me how to check this?

The Cloudflare CDN consists of hundreds of CDN Edge servers, and your file may be cached on none, one, many or all servers. Therefore, there is no “list of cached files” in Cloudflare, because it’s not really logical to display “cached or not”.

You can check if a file is cached on the CDN edge that serves you by checking the requests response headers (for example from browser network inspector).

Thanks, can you give me more detail on how to do it?
My origin server locate in the Oregon, I want to test my loading time from New York.

You mean how to check cache status for requests from your browser? For example in Google Chrome menu > View > Developer Tools > Network. Then reload page, and you will see all website assets as they load. You can then click loaded items and review Headers > Response Headers, where you will find Cloudflare cache status for each and every request, from your specific location.

You can only test from NY if you are browsing from NY, or use a remote testing service, for example https://www.webpagetest.org/ or https://tools.pingdom.com/. From these services, you can do the same as above, and click each resource to review cache status.

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