Where can i fix my DS record?

How do i fix my DS record so my website will show up on the Internet??

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Your DS record is published into your domain’s parent zone by your domain registrar. If you have enabled DNSSEC in Cloudflare for your zone, you will be able to find the correct values on the DNS page of your site in the Cloudflare dashboard.

The Cloudflare documentation has some helpful links to provider specific instructions


Yes, all of that is correct on doing the diagnostic test for my site which is active with Cloudflare.

I have also done pausing Cloudflare and enabling Cloudflare again resulting in the same outcome of being not responding due to too long trying to respond.


Thank you for asking.

If you followed the instructions from the link of the @epic.network’s post, enabled the DNSSEC at Cloudflare dashboard and added an assigned DS record to your domain registrar, kindly and patiently wait for at least 24h just in case.

Use below online tool to check the status of the DNSEC for your domain name:

You can share your domain name here with us so we could double-check and troubleshoot in case if needed.

Furthermore, some domain registrars don’t accept the values like Algorithm 13 (as stated at the article from the link above), therefore DNSSEC cannot be used with some TLDs neither with some domain registrars.

Kindly, don’t do that as far as it might have a bad impact on it.
Keep the Cloudflare enabled (un-pause, don’t use this option at the moment) and proxied :orange: and wait for at least 24h to apply the changes.

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