Where can I find the Zone ID?

I don’t have any website or any domain registered. I just have a couple of workers.

I am setting up Cloudflare with the Serverless Framework (Cloudflare): https://www.serverless.com/framework/docs/providers/cloudflare/guide/quick-start and it is asking me for a Zone ID environment variable.

On the workers dashboard, I only see account id and no zone id. How do I get the Zone ID?

Zones are domains/websites you have added to Cloudflare.
You don’t have any websites added, so you don’t have any zones or zone IDs.

I skimmed the article, and at the top it mentions

Note:workers.dev domains are not currently supported using Serverless, but you can track our progress on this Github issue.

It seems like that specific plugin can only be run on a zone, not your workers.dev, and thus needs a zone id/for you to add a website to Cloudflare.

Once you get a website added, you can find its Zone ID on the right side of the overview page: Find zone and account IDs · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs

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