Where can I find the rules for a site?


It seems that Cloudflare has changed its interface. And now I cannot find the page rules in my site. Thanks

If you’re on the new dashboard (navigation on the left side bar), go to https://dash.cloudflare.com/, sign in if prompted, then:

  1. Select your site from the list
  2. Select Rules > Page Rules

Thank you. In my case, the left bar is not large enough to show the “Rules”, see below:

And I cannot even find a way to scroll the left bar. THe scroll bar in the right can only scroll the whole page.

I can’t find the post , but someone had a similar question not too long ago. I can scroll through the bar with a scroll wheel, but I don’t think there is a scrollbar. You could also try zooming out the page (Ctrl/Cmd + - on desktop)

If you’re unable to navigate the new layout for whatever reason, for now at least, you should be able to disable the new navigation layout.

Thank you. Zoom In/Out works well

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I’m on a laptop now (MacBookPro 13") and Firefox lets me scroll the nav menu.

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