Where can I find the ip adress of the web server on cloudflare pages

Ive got a website hosted on Cloudflare pages.

Im trying to set up a subdomain. I want to add an A dns record thing. It wants an ip address. Where can I find this?

When i do ping mydomain and add the ip address returned I get a error 1000 prohibited error

When i do ping thing.ns.cloudflare.com I get the same error.

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

In not sure what you are hoping to accomplish, but what you are doing definitely is not the way.

Are you wanting to publish another project on Cloudflare Pages and access it with a subdomain?

Thanks for getting back to me. I want to know what number goes in that box :sweat_smile:

Your question is invalid in the context that you described in your original post. Please explain what you want to happen once you find the magic number so that we may explain what steps you need to take to achieve that or an appropriate substitute.

Apologies! Iā€™m just trying to set up a www subdomain. I have the following records.

The reason I was asking about IP addresses is because the above subdomains are not working. Im getting a 522 error. I thought Iā€™d try add an ā€œAā€ type rather than ā€œCNAMEā€ to see if it made a difference.

Thanks for explaining your objective. It is really hard to solve an X/Y problem without knowing the true goal.

You need to delete any records that you created for www. Custom hostnames for Cloudflare Pages need to be added from the Pages menus, not the DNS app. The appropriate DNS entry will be created automatically since you use Cloudflare DNS.

Brilliant. Cheers for your help!

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