Where can I find the bandwidth quota allowed for WAF?

For my client’s site, we got Cloudflare WAF through Cloudways. It is a $5 subscription. However, we got a bill of $25 for the site for WAF and upon further query, I learned that the allowed bandwidth for this WAF is 100GB per month and our site was consuming over 1000GB. Hence the extra charge.
We cancelled the Cloudways subscription. Now I want to go for the Cloudflare Pro plan which costs $240 per year. Where can I find the allowed bandwidth for this plan?
Thank you.

The Pro plan (and even the Free) plan has no bandwidth limits at all… as long as your usage stays within the terms of service of your specific plan.

Also, note that what Cloudways offered you was Cloudflare’s Enterprise Plan features. With your new Pro plan, certain Cloudflare features may not be available to you at all… or may require additional purchase(s).

For instance, Free, Pro, and even Business plans do not allow serving video and other large files via the CDN. So if your terabyte of bandwidth usage is primarily serving video or large files, then you may need to purchase an additional service like Stream or R2 which has usage-based billing.

Thank you. That helps. Our site does not serve any large content. It is a job portal.

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