Where can I find mx-(email) and txt-records in cloudlare ?

Where can I find mx-(email) and txt-records in cloudlare ?


as you can see, I have entered Cloudflare as DNS host in the Sender Authentication of Sendgrid.

The name servers entered are those of Cloudflaire
( Dora ns Cloudflare and another name server. )

My problem:

I am trying to locate the Mx records ( mailing) and Txt records, but I am not succeeding.
I created a Cloudflare account hoping to find something here. Unfortunately this is not the case.

My question:

Nr.1 Is this even the right way to search for the MX and Txt records on Cloudflare. If yes, where do I find them ? If No, how do I have to proceed.

Nr.2 Since Cloudflare was entered as DNS host during the Sendgrid authentication and the URL of the website was also saved during the Sendgrid authentication, I assumed that all data are available at Cloudflare including DNS records but also the records responsible for emails such as MX records.

Nr.3 I need these MX and Txt records in addition to the CNAME records , for the configuration of my domain that I created in the Groove software.

This is where I get stuck, as I definitely don’t know what exactly I need to do to get to the MX records.

I hope that someone can help me who knows more about this problem than I do ?
I would be very grateful.

Many thanks

You should just be able to see all your DNS records here. If you type MX or TXT in the search, then it should return the results.

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