Where can i find GDPR Contract


where can i find the GDPR Contract with Cloudflare Singnature?

We need this imporat document for our GDPR.

Thanks a lot

How can Customers who do not have an Enterprise agreement make sure the Standard Contractual Clauses are in place with Cloudflare?

On October 5, 2020, we updated our Self-Serve Subscription Agreement to incorporate our updated standard DPA by reference. And to the extent the personal data we process on behalf of a self-serve customer is governed by the GDPR, then our DPA incorporates the EU standard contractual clauses for this data. So no action is required to ensure that the standard contractual clauses are in place. Our updated DPA also incorporates the additional safeguards described above.

While the DPA is incorporated by reference, we have also made our updated DPA available in the customer dashboard. When you are in your Dashboard, please go to the Configurations tab, and then Preferences.


I have done. Thanks a lot

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