Where can I find a full list of all 4xx error?

Hello dear community members!
I have a site that migrated to a different server and different Cloudflare account.
Unfortunately I dont have access to the previous analytics so I dont know if this was a known issue or not .
I need to find the exact list of all those 4xx errors so that I can start unfolding.
I have looked at server logs, there is nothing there indicating what I should look for.

this is the statistic of the 4xx errors

another question that I have, is that rate abnormal? I think its very high.

I own this site for 17 years its a registered non profit with forum for parenting, but the owners of the previous Cloudflare account (providing it for free) were not giving me data about it, and I did not know how important this was until now. (am sad about it)…

thank you very much in advance for every tip!

Hello @user15115

You can check the following link:

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