Where can I buy domains in cloudflare

Hi all
I think the answer is I can´t, but as we are moving all our domains over before they expire and we are very happy with the great service, we would like to buy new ones in cloudflare!
Thank you

Think you’re right, maybe someone else can inform. I couldn’t figure out how to transfer in domains for a little while and now that I’ve done it 20+ times this week, thought I’d share the info below for anyone else that it might help.

First ADD the site to Cloudflare (once you have signed up for a Cloudflare account, then click the “add site” up at the top.)

When you add the site, it’ll ask you to change the DNS records at your current registrar to specific cloudflare servers. Once that is done (it can take minutes or hours), then you can click the dropdown on the upper left side and select domains. From there you can transfer in a domain and pay for it.

Yes it´s not very user friendly agreed! (although it works great)
Weird forum user interface, you have to click the subject name at the top of the page to open the thread it doesn´t just open when you click on it.

It looks like this feature is coming very soon…

Thanks, i bought it elsewhere now but good to heard it will be available soon