Where at Cloudflare can I paste Google Search Console text string to verify I own the domain?

Hi, I’m trying to get our charity’s website Tobaccofree.org – in Wordpress – verified by Google Search Console. They send you a text string and say simply, “Paste this into your DNS records to get verified.”

The problem is first, that Google does not tell you where to enter the code, and they certainly don’t tell you where to do it at Cloudflare.

If I go back to my registrar’s DNS, our site will go down for two days, as soon as I point it back to Cloudflare. It takes the DNS that long to propagate. So I need to enter the text string in Cloudflare. Thank you!! PLEASE help!!


It’s usually a TXT record. They should tell you the hostname you need to enter, plus the TXT field itself. It’s quite possible that if you just enter @ for the hostname, then that long string in the text field, that will be enough.

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