Where are the full reports?

Hey community, I received an email from Cloudflare showing me stats about traffic and threats, but when I click the link that says “View full report” and I’m redirected to the Cloudflare website there are no reports showing up. In fact I’m not sure but I think I had to enter my login information twice, which makes me think it could be phishing but I’m not entirely sure, maybe I just put the wrong password the first time. Anyway, if this is legit, is this a premium feature or can I have access to those reports with a free account? What if I unsubscribe for the adversising, would Couldflare stop sending me the reports too, or can I enable only the reports? Thanks.

Hi @rraallvv, you can share it here if you’re concerned it’s phishing and we can investigate. But did it look like the Dashboard Analytics report shown in the middle of this tip? Community Tip - Cloudflare Notifications


Hi @cloonan, this is a screenshot of part of the email. In fact, I had to zoom out a bit and make two screenshots then merge them into one. I also changed my account’s password.

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That seems to be legitimate. I’ve asked the team that generated the mail to share the linkto destination with view full report as I’ve not yet received a report on my domains. I suspect the intent was to point you to the Traffic tab of the Analytics app on he Cloudflare Dashboard, it would be a url ending in /analytics/traffic.

Edit - Just verified that was the intended destination. I suspect you were impacted by some dashboard particularities we saw earlier, if you try again does it still lead you to “nowhere”? And, if you opt out you won’t receive the report via email, but you can access the underlying analytics data anytime you like.

I’m redirected to the dashboard, after the redirection the URL looks like this:


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