Where are my Nameservers?

Where are my Nameservers?
They are not in Overview.
Right now my nameservers are pointing to siteground, which I want to update.

My Hosting - SiteGround
Domain Registrar - Godaddy

Hi, if you have just added your domain to Cloudflare the nameservers should be pending and you would see something like this on Overview:

After that you need to update the nameservers in GoDaddy, with the nameservers Cloudflare provided.

You might find this helpful:

It’s also possible you are using Cloudflare through Sitegound, so you won’t see Cloudflare name servers on that page. It would say something along the lines of your DNS records being at your host and you have to update them there.

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Yes it says that my DNS is on siteground.
But where are the nameservers?
I was using Cloudflare before too on the same site, but I changed to siteground nameservers for smoother transition to SG hosting. Now I am not getting the nameservers for my cloudflare.

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