When you create a project using wrangler, An unknown error occured is displayed


Hello there,

In order to better assist you with the problem you are experiencing, we will need some additional information from you. Can you please share the following with us:

  • Can you share the version of Wrangler you are using? You can find it by running wrangler --version.
  • Can you provide the full contents of the wrangler.toml file of the Worker you are trying to use Wrangler with?
  • Can you try reproducing the problem with WRANGLER_LOG=debug before the command and send us the full output? e.g. you can run WRANGLER_LOG=debug wrangler publish as a command in your Workers directory to collect debug logs for a publish.
  • Has any recent changes been made in this Worker’s code and its logic?
  • If so, what has changed? (provide us with a snippet of the script change in question)

I would also like to share these links to our documentation for Wrangler:

Please respond with this information so we can continue to work with you to resolve this issue.