When will the UI for Transfers OUT of Cloudflare Become Available

This question is a sister to another that I asked today, How can I push a CF-registered domain to another Cloudflare account?

When will it become possible for Cloudflare Registrar users to unlock their domains and view the AUTH codes that allow them to transfer them to other registrars?

As some of the first domains transferred to Cloudflare will soon become eligible for transfer, and as this functionality is an ICANN requirement, can someone from the Registrar team confirm that it is on the way?

There have been other threads where this has been confirmed. Yes, it is a requirement after 60 days. Tagging @SamRhea


That’s correct - you’ll be able to unlock and grab the auth code from the same Domain Registration card in the overview page once your transfer passes the 60 day window.


Thank you for that confirmation @SamRhea. On a related question, is it currently possible for us to push a domain, that is within the 60-day window, to a different Cloudflare account?

I see that there is not yet any UI for pushing domains but, if it was necessary, would it be possible to do this via Cloudflare support?

Hi @imappoet, not that I’m aware of/have seen done before and as such you are best to ask support directly.