When will Cloudflare activate Whois redaction on my domain which I have just transferred?

I decided to switch my domain registrar from Namecheap to Cloudflare. I followed the instructions from Cloudflare and disabled WhoisGuard in Namecheap dashboard and completed the transfer request. Now I have emails from both Cloudflare and Namecheap stating that the transfer will take 5 days.

I have just checked Whois and I see all my private information related to the domain ownership open to the whole world while Cloudflare says something about redaction of all private details from WHOIS in their documentation.

My question: when will Cloudlare redact the data and is it going to be available publicly for 5 days until the transfer finishes?

There’s usually a step in the process where you can manually approve the transfer early at Namecheap.

@sdayman Do you know where in Namecheap this magic button is? I looked around and did not find it…

I don’t use Namecheap, but they often send an email letting you know they received the request and a link to manually approve it.

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