When we will have option to change to or 1.2 mobile app?

Hi cloudflare team, I’m using cloudflare new family dns ( on my router
But when i’m in mobile app i can only use warp+ and can’t change to or i hope you add option in next app updates to choose dns server (malware blocking or (adult + malware blocking with warp+
I have another question about the new dns server does it block p**n ads and other types, or it’s just block adult websites
Sorry about my bad english

I checked my iOS app and the new version lets me set the resolver in Settings -> Advanced -> Connection Options -> DNS settings -> for Families.

I don’t think it does any type of ad blocking, but why would adult ads be served on a non-adult site? If they are, then that site should be considered an adult site that should be blocked.


Thanks for the answer, but this option is not available on android yet, but some non-adult websites use adult ads that’s the problem i just want adult ads to disappear not the whole website

Will it be available on Android? I haven’t seen it yet on my app.

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Hi @pholngas10,

It is available on Android if you are updated to the latest version and can be found in the same place as on iOS.

There isn’t.

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What version of the app are you running?

5.0 using Android 9

I am on 5.1, I’m not sure what version that was added in, is there an update available for you?

Not yet.

OK, you could submit feedback in the app and they will hopefully get back to you.

I will also cc @irtefa here.

Same 5.0 is lastest version for me

But when I use the app my internet slows down for no reason.