When Using Require Signed URLs Subtitles Won't Show

When using “Require Signed URLs” on Cloudflare Streams the subtitles won’t work.

If I disable Require Signed URLs everything is fine.

In both cases the video playback is O.K. which means the URL signing is working well.

On the Chrome Developer Tools the request to get the captions shows 401

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We have the same issue… when we turn on the subtitle, the video cannot play as well.

how can we solve this one? we would like to use our own captions, however, we neither can nor download the captions/subtitle from Cloudflare.

Hello. This is fixed now and I am no longer able to replicate this issue. Thank you for the patience.

We have been working on improving support for playback on the the React Native platform and a recent change in the code in how Stream manages captions had caused caption requests to return 401 HTTP status codes. We have just rolled back this change and will make sure to take steps to test playback when captions are enabled specifically with videos with signed-urls. Videos without signed-urls turned on was not affected by this bug.

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