When using cloudfalre proxy, Menu items show as squares before showing correct arrows

I am having a strage issue.

When a user first loads my site the menu items first show as sqaures and then they change to the arrows they are meant to me.

This is only happening when using Cloudflare DNS proxy. When using my normal hosting proivder DNS this does not happen.

As mentioned. This only happens on first load with a fresh broswer cache. On second load it does not happen.

You will see it happen every time your clear your local browser cache. I cannot work out what is causing this.

My thoughts

  1. Possible redirect
  2. SSL

Also. With automatic platofrm optimisation turned off. My site speed on mobile is between 86% to 96% But when turning on automatic platform optimisation. I can see visually to the eye my site loads much faster. But page speed metrics score tanks down to 40%

This is very strange. Site much looks much faster. But pagespeed metrics tank

Hi have an issue with my site when I turn on Automatic platform optimisation.

This is very very odd. You will see I have a blue menu. Some of the items are drop down with a arrow on them.

When I turn on automatic platform optimisation. These arrows turn into squares and you cannot access the drop down menus. Strange thing. This only happens to the front page. The menu is fine on inner pages and articles.

Currently I don’t have the optimisation turned on until I can find the problem

One thing I noticed. I setup my site on a staging URL - stageing . mysite .com and the issue does not happen. It only happens when my site is www mysite .com

Its also worth mentioning here. (even with platform optimisation turned off)

When my NS is pointed to Cloudflare. If you do a full cache purge, site cache puge and a browser cache flush, upon site first load you can see these menu items start off as a sqaure very breif and then change to the correct arrows and menu is usable On second load it does not happen. This happens only on a totally uncached load and when using Cloudflare. But as I said. On the second load when site is cached and broswer cached you dont see it happen.

If I were to change to my hosting provider DNS. This does not happen at all and everything is fine.

I also note. On a clean totally uncached load, site ever so breifley does a tiny shift to the left then recentres correcty. Again. Only while using C/F NS

Yes. The unanswered question. Thats right. I have also added additional information here.

Been waiting and hoping for some comments, suggestions or possible fixes.


After some troubleshooting I found something and I was amazed actually.

When I turned off proxy for www all my problems went away and I had 100% page speed score!

Okay so. Some information that mght help you with my problem

Current in my DNS I have this.




A record


techbusinessnews.com.au … THE IP

Could the fact there is a CNAME for www be the problem as casusing an extra hope or redirect or something?

Should I change somethere here? remove the cname for www and replace it with a A name for www?

Current setup is

A techbusinessnews.com.au - IP ( (Alais for here not real)

CNAME | www | techbusinessnews.com.au

I just read this

Usage of CNAME records means that there is an additional request sent to the DNS servers, which can cause a delay of a few milliseconds

This would also why I see “To Many Redirects” error also I am thinking

Please describe the correct way I should have this setup in my DNS on Cloudflare.

Much closer to fixing my problem now. Thanks

Can you share a screenshot of the error. I do not see an issues. Also, please try incognito mode and from a different browswer/mobile device.


Yes,. You wont see the error when I have automatic plaform optimisation turn off.

But when I turn it on. My menu items arrows for the drop down menus will show as squares and my page speed metrics tank from normal 85% down to around average 30%


If I have automatic platform optimisation turned ON, and turn off proxy for WWW in DNS. I will get 100% page speed and no strage boxes in my menu items.

I have litespeed plugin for caching. Dont know if that helps