When uploading files to the site - “The server rejected the file upload”

The site works through Cloudflare, a free tariff. The site engine is DLE.

When uploading files larger than 500 MB to the site, an error appears - “HTTP error. The server rejected the file upload.” When I disable proxying via Cloudflare, the files are downloaded without errors.

What settings in Cloudflare create problems when uploading files to the site?

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File upload size is limited depending on your plan level. You can check your limit on the dashboard Network page. If you are on an Enterprise Plan, you can contact Support to request a larger limit than 500MB.

What is DLE? I’m not finding relevant search results with only three letters to go on, even when adding ‘web platform’ for additional context.

You may want to see if your DLE platform can support file chunking. That is a common method with many advantages including not being affected by upload limits, since the file is transferred in smaller pieces.

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Files are split into parts when uploaded to the site and collected on the server. A 400 MB file is uploaded without errors, and a 1 GB file with an error - “HTTP error. The server rejected the file upload.” What Cloudflare settings can be changed so that there is no such error?