When trying to login from a different IP, site says it sent mail, but can't login

We had some changes in our company structure and I now am tasked with managing the Cloudflare account. I have access to the mail address associated with the account, but I still can’t login.

The message says, a confirmation mail has been sent to the associated account, but it does not appear in the according mail account (also checked the spam folder of course).

I can change files on the servers behind the DNS or send and email from the associated account and I also can login until the mentioned error message. Please advise.

Hi @Michael_Niemand,

I suspect someone opted your account out of all emails so you ended up on Cloudflare’s email supression list. If you can’t login on a recognised device, please email [email protected] from the email address on the account and let us know when you have. Hopefully you’ll get an automatic reply with a ticket number (if you do, please post that here), if you don’t get the support emails either, I’ll escalate this thread to see if someone can track it down!

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I just sent that mail and received a ticket number as well: 2201514

thank you!!

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Great, thanks. I’ll add your ticket number to the escalation and hopefully someone will be able to take a look soon.

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Loving the lightning fast replies. I know why I personally own Cloudflare stock :smiley:


For the sake of good order, that’s all volunteer service :slight_smile:


Hi @Michael_Niemand, on your profile page you’ve selected Cloudflare may not send me emails, and as @domjh mentioned at some point the address was opted out. I’ve cleared that supression and you should be good to go.

Ah, and I see my colleague has also replied on the ticket 2201514.
Let us know. Sorry for the troubles.

Dropping this note here for folks that view this post “downtheline”,

Please make sure you allow all emails from [email protected] to prevent any issue.


thank you very much, I was able to log in!


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