When trying to add site I get "Invalid Domain"

When I try to add my domain name on the “add site” page, the site tells me that it is an “Invalid domain”. My site is https://www.cryptologe.nl so I put that in, tried it without the www and even as simply cryptologe.nl .None of them work. I cannot add my site. The site is up and running. What could be the problem?

Hi there,

In order to add a domain to Cloudflare you need to define the root/apex domain wihout the http/s schema - so you would need to use cryptologe.nl when add site, nothing else. Can you ensure there is no whitespace and the beginning or end of the domain and test again?


This worked! Thank you.
Now Cloudflare is asking me about DNS. I’m just a starting website owner! Should I just click continue and all will be done automatic or will my website explode if I hit it?

It should work just fine as it requires you to do a couple of changes before taking over, clicking continue doesn’t actually do much.

Make sure you have a fully working HTTPS setup, as it seems you do, before doing changes.

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