When trying to add a CNAME record it says an A, AAAA, CNAME record with this host already exists?

From reading posts by others I understand I need to delete existing records to add a new CNAME record, but I dont know which ones I can delete? Some of the records also appear to be legacy records from attempting to setup website security via GoDaddy, can they be deleted, i.e. acme-challenge?
Thanks for the help.

need to add host10.groovepages.comaccording to groove pages

Your A and AAAA records are all Cloudflare IPs so those are probably wrong. Where is your site hosted?

The _acme-challenge records can be removed.

Groovepages uses Cloudflare (hence the imported A/AAAA records being Cloudflare) so you can delete the A/AAAA records and replace with the CNAME to host10.groovepages.com.

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Site is hosted by Groove.cm

ok thanks thats done. Let me know if you spot anything else I need to change. Thanks,

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