When trying to access my website it redirects me to my Cloudflare tunnel

When trying to access my website www.dbmtechnology.com.au it redirects me to my Cloudflare tunnel. I’ve tried different browsers and devices and the results are random. On my mobile phone I don’t have this issue but on my computers both Windows and MAC and using different browsers like Edge, Firefox and Chrome I get the redirect.

I have my website hosted with someone else but DNS is sitting with Cloudflare. I’ve got an A record in Cloudflare pointing to my hosting provider. I setup my tunnels 2 weeks ago and didn’t have this issue till today.

Any help will greatly be appreciated.

When I am looking at dbmtechnology.com.au, your website loads just fine.

However, with the www.dbmtechnology.com.au variant, as you mention, I am also being redirected to Cloudflare Access, which is claiming that I do not have permission to access your website.

That issue could be because you have set up Cloudflare Access, where one or more of your Application paths are too greedy, and thereby unintentionally matching www.dbmtechnology.com.au as well.

One plausible reason could be a bad wildcard somewhere, such as e.g. you have accidentally entered *.dbmtechnology.com.au/* instead of e.g. admin.dbmtechnology.com.au/*, or *.admin.dbmtechnology.com.au/*.

Something like *.dbmtechnology.com.au/* would for example be matching everything on:

  1. www.dbmtechnology.com.au
  2. test.dbmtechnology.com.au
  3. development.dbmtechnology.com.au

But it wouldn’t be matching anything on the naked domain, e.g.:

  1. dbmtechnology.com.au

I would therefore suggest you to look in to the Application paths of your Access policies.

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Thank you for explanation. You were correct about the bad wildcard which I have now replaced *.dbmtechnology.com.au with admin.dbmtechnology.com.au

This has fixed my website loading up correctly though unfortunately created two other issues. I’ve got 2 tunnels I have created and previously these tunnels were working correctly where I’d type in for example tunnel.dbmtechnology.com.au and it’ll take me to the Cloudflare access login page to authenticate and it’ll then give me access to that server.

The issue I have now since removing the wild card is when I access these tunnels it does not authenticate via Cloudflare anymore and it takes me directly to the webserver which is a security issue. When I configure each tunnel and enable Access under its settings then the page does not load.

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