When to use bundled vs unbounded workers?

I’ve been using Cloudflare Workers for a while on the bundled model. Now that the unbounded model is available, I’m unsure if I should switch or not. The bundled model is doing what I need.

How should I make the decision which model to use?

If bundled does what you need, I guess probably stick with it. It’s simpler. Pay per request, that’s all.

Unbound seems more suited for long running (ish) jobs that need more CPU time than bundled provides. And so would not work at all using it. Things you would previously have had to use an alternative, like Lambda.

If you were to switch over to unbound, you would have to factor how much time your worker runs for (GB-s) and how much bandwidth it uses (GB). As unbound bills for them too. Neither of which you need to think about with bundled.

That’s the general thought process I had too. I am curious if unbounded might be cheaper, but I need more data on actual usage.

I recently deployed a full product using workers with their KV store. It consists of:

  • CRONs
  • regular bundled workers
  • an SPA site

The rule of thumb for me was the time budget. If a route is a fast one (meaning, less than 40ms) I set this worker to the bundled. The Unbounded was a perfect match for a data processing scenario.