When to add DNSSEC to hosting (server) provider?

Hello, I’m new here, this is my first time configuring DNSSEC in Cloudflare. I set all of my hosting provider’s nameservers to Cloudflare. This means that the Primary DNS Zone is now in Cloudflare. I’m not sure that I understand correctly your guide:

Where should I add the DNSSEC below record?
mydomain.xyz. 3600 IN DS 2513 13 2 61D***43D5
Should I add the above record in the DNS zone of my shared hosting provider (I bought the domain there) or in the DNS zone of Cloudflare? Cloudflare won’t let me add DNSSEC (see screenshot) in the DNS zone. My Hosting provider uses Direct Admin (manage hosting account). He told me that adding DNS SEC in the hosting account will block my website because it does not work with DA (Direct Admin). I’d appreciate your understanding and patience in explaining the process of using DNS SEC.

The DS records are set at the registry which has to be done through your registrar. If the registar doesn’t have the user interface to set these records at the registry, then you won’t be able to use DNSSEC.

If DNSSEC is a must, then transfer your domain to another registrar that can do it.


Thank you for the quick and simple answer.

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