When setting up domain, the DNS entries in CF don't match what's in my Network Solutions

When setting up domain, the DNS entries in CF don’t match what’s in my Network Solutions. I have A LOT of entries within my network solutions account for my domain. The DNS shown for it in CF only has a few. For instance, a lot of CNAMEs are missing in CF from what’s in my NS. I’m worried about services not working or do i have to manually re-enter everything in CF?
How do I proceed if i want to start using CF?

Yes. Cloudflare can only guess at the most common DNS entries. Any that it can’t guess have to be entered by the user.

Ok, so what i see in the CF setup DNS is just assumed, it’s not like it wouldn’t allow the entries I wasn’t seeing that are in my Network Solutions.

Also, any caveats I should be aware of as a new user? Any conflict with caching I already have set in my .htaccess along with redirects?

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