When purchased ssl cert expires

Hi, I have a paid ssl from crazy domains for my wordpress site which will expire in a couple of weeks. My nameservers are currently with cloudflare. Will my https remain intact if I let this expire and do I need to do anything. I don’t have the cloudflare wordpress plugin activated but do have simple SSl and SSL insecure content plugins currently active.

You need to renew that certificate. Alternatively you can also get a free Lets Encrypt certificate or a free Cloudflare origin certificate.

In any case, you need a certificate on your server.

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So according to my account I have an active Cloudflare Universal SSL certificate. Is this what you mean? I also noted on that page I have the “always use https” button unchecked, not sure if that should be on.

No, I am referring to your server certificate. The certificate on Cloudflare is irrelevant in this context.

Ok, thats clearer, I see I can generate a Cloudflare origin certificate and upload it onto my control panel, I see the SSL settings for that. Then I should be good to go?

You should be. An origin certificate definitely is an option and will work in this context.

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