When publishing new blog it doesn’t show up on the site unless I add /?nocache

Hi aridio89,

I’m having the same problem - only it’s when publishing a new blog post, it doesn’t show up on the homepage or the /blog/ page unless I add /?nocache to the end of the url.

Did the Cloudflare Team find a solution?

Thanks :pray:

Hey wyatt_andrewj,

apparently it can cause problems when our domain changes hosting service provider, before I had it connected with bluehost, but now with another provider, with which support has told me the following:

The issue here is that this hostname was still managed by a service provider that uses our SSL for SaaS solution.

I have removed your domain from your old host’s account.

I guess that only through the help of support we can solve certain problems, so we can’t solve some things on our own.

This sounds different. SSL for SaaS can’t be worked around with a query string.

@wyatt_andrewj’s issue is plain ol’ caching. Cloudflare doesn’t cache pages by default, so there’s something wrong with a setting here. Possibly APO not recognizing that the front page has blog posts.

A user with the SSL for SaaS issue did have success fixing it on their own here:

In my case, it never crossed my mind that my old hosting provider had anything to do with my problem. :sleepy:

Thanks for your replies @aridio89 and @sdayman

I don’t think it has anything to do with hosting, I’m hosted by Cloudways and have been for a few years, I think as you say, @sdayman it is to do with caching.

Things have changed a little, now the post snippet is showing on the homepage and /blog/ page, but other changes are taking a long time to show. Am I right in thinking it could be down the router doing its own caching too?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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