When .ME and .US TLDs will be supported to transfer in?


I am wondering when I can transfer my .me and .us domains to CF. On the TLD policies page I see .me TDLs to be available on 19-Oct-2021 but I still cannot do it, the .us TLD is set to be available on 26-Oct-2021 which should now be supported.

My domains are already on CF service, when I go to transfer page, I don’t see my .me and .us domains offered to transfer in to CF registrar.

Anyone managed to do so? Any mods or admins can look into it?

Thank you.

I know that some of the new TLDs are running behind schedule.

If you are coming close to the expiry for any existing domains, you should renew with your existing registrar.


They are running behind.
When supported the tld will move from the right side of the page below to the left, only when it appears on the left will you be able to transfer


Thank you @michael and @whistles for quick replies,

My domains are expiring soon, I will wait for a bit and see if new TLDs get available on CF, if not then I will renew at current registrar.

It would be really nice if the page was at least updated with new anticipated dates. I’m sure the process of securing registrations for a given TLD is highly complicated, but this seems to be the one area among the rest where there’s a severe lack of communication from Cloudflare.

I have no problem with waiting, but I’d love to know what’s going on.

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It was! Honestly, there had been radio silence for a few years until the recent Birthday Week blog post, and that page received a substantial update.

I think the process for some of the newly announced TLDs is complicated, and requires a lot of manual intervention. My guess is that the Registrar team are focusing on getting the launch-day deluge for each new TLD under control before launching more.

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Yeah, the announcement of new TLDs was great for me; I have only .me, .us, and .co domains left to transfer. Hate that I had to renew with Namecheap ahead of the announcement, but I’m not opposed to having an extra year on each.

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So true, stuck with few domains on NameCheap as well, rest are already on CloudFlare.

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