When is Cloudflare going to support nameserver failover?

Cloudflare recently caused an outage that affected half of the internet.

EasyDNS has a feature called proactive nameservers where they are the registrar for your domain and failover the nameservers when they go down: Turns out half the internet has a Single-Point-of-Failure called “Cloudflare” | easyDNS

Cloudflare is my registrar, this is a feature that seems like it could be supported quite easily.

Is this on the roadmap?

Cloudflare has this but in reverse for enterprise customers :

I’m sure you could talk to them and get this set up the other way around where your own nameservers are failover for CF’s (of course only if you’re an Enterprise customer).

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Secondary DNS isn’t really what I believe he or I is interested in. Secondary DNS always responds and not just in the event of a failure. The issue here is that cloudflare goes down way too often. So, does cloudflare offer a way to handle the case where cloudflare’s DNS fails.

I suspect the answer is that they will never handle this, but would love to know more. And, in the end, if cloudflare’s DNS is down, how could they fail over the DNS to another provider?

EasyDNS does exactly this, if you read the article I posted. It requires that they’re your registrar for the domain so they can change the nameservers automatically. Now that Cloudflare is also a registrar, this seems like a feature that could be offered. It also obviously needs to be run on infrastructure that doesn’t fail when the rest of cloudflare does.

Yeah, I added that article to read. It does seem promising, So, easydns would be the registrar of record and they would just respond as cloudflare would, but in the event of a failure, would take over (at which point we would lose CF’s CDN and similar)

We looked through that easydns product and its basically what we intend to build. It’s a great looking product, but it only works for a very small number of domains since you have to have easydns as your registrar and we have tons of weird domains.

Yeah, I don’t know which domains they support. Cloudflare supports quite a lot, but all my .dev domains are Google only, so they’ll never work with that kind of product.

Still, it probably covers 95% of people’s use cases.

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