When importing, cloud-flare adds a ton of nonexistent A records

When I add a new domain, Cloudflare adds some 200 A records for subdomains that don’t exist in the original DNS record. There is no easy way to remove them and today is the first time I’ve encountered this. The other party is transip.nl the other primary is ns0.transip.net who knows they may not be providing the correct response? I don’t have this issue with Godaddy.

Would be nice to either get rid of the subdomains easily or not see them at all. Thanks for the help!

O-oh, I am sorry to say, but this happens to some users as far as they used wildcard * hostname (DNS record) of a domain name at their ex DNS/hosting provider :roll_eyes:

Kindly, here is a suggestion:

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Helpful article about Importing and exporting DNS records at Cloudflare:


Thank you fantastic answer! I’ll remove the wildcard when importing and ask for bulk removal. Thanks again for your work you are very kind.

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