When I visit my website it the browser says that the connection is no private

I’ve contracted a SSL with my hosting company Arsys and I’ve added the dns record to my domains dns records here Cloudflare. My website www.digitalgraficibiza.com keeps showing that the connection is not private (see below).

Why isn’t it working?

On the other side, I noticed that Cloudflare offers free Universal Certificates to all domains. So if that’s the case, why isn’t working either?

I appreciate your assistance.

You can see in the screenshot that your certificate expired in April 2023.

Your DNS record isn’t proxied so requests are directly to your server, not through Cloudflare…

Before enabling the proxy, you need to update the certificate on your origin server so it is valid. Then you can set your SSL/TLS setting in Cloudflare to “Full (strict)” here…
…then when you enable the proxy, your site will be fully secured.

I’ve bought a new SSL certificate today, so how can that one be out of date. I’ve added it to the DNS here:

So should I go ahead and enable the proxy? Where do I do that?

Where did you buy it? Is that TXT record just something the certificate supplier wanted to authenticate you own the domain?

The certificate will be some files you need to upload to your server and configure it to use. If you’ve not done that that’s why and old certificate is showing.

Don’t enable the proxy until the correct certificate is uploaded to your server and working, otherwise it’s impossible to debug behind the proxy.

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Could I just cancel this bought SSL certificate and just use the free universal SSL? I’d prefer not to pay for something that’s available for free.

If you’ve paid for an SSL certificate, it’s issued so likely you can’t get a refund. You’ll have to deal with that with the supplier.

You can get free SSL certificates from LetsEncrypt to install on your server.

Using Cloudflare’s SSL to front a site that doesn’t have SSL configured is not recommended as it’s not secure. A good explanation is here.

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Ok, I’ll keep the SSL cert. I’ve bought. I have the certificated downloaded on my computer. Where on the server of my website do I upload this? How do I configure it?

Never mind, I’ve resolved it with the provider of the SSL.

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By the way do I still need to proxy the domain?

If you would like Cloudflare to protect your site, or use any other Cloudflare features, then you will need to proxy the site.

Make sure your SSL/TLS setting is set to “Full (strict)” now you have a working certificate in place on your server to ensure the most secure setting (and to prevent a “too many redirects” error).

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Here it says that only A , AAAA , and CNAME can be proxied. The DNS record that I added is TXT. What do I do?

You would proxy the records that point at your webhost/server.

A basic description is here…

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