When I use Cloudflare the page load time more than without Cloudflare

hi all

When you use Cloudflare the page load time is 5.6s without Cloudflare 2.0s

report is here

any idea to fix it ?

this report without Cloudflare page load time is 2.5s

Hi. This is odd - do you have any page rules set up? Have you tried purging the Cloudflare cache?

I checked out your GTmetrix reports. For the Cloudflare one, you have a font asset fl-icons.woff2 that was blocking for 1.64 seconds. The response headers for this asset show a CF-Cache-Status EXPIRED, so it was served from your origin server. It looks like you aren’t caching images either? Most response headers show CF-Cache-Status as REVALIDATED.

use webpagetest.org instead of gtmetrix for more consistent page load times and inspect the waterfall to see which elements are causing the slowness

I would make sure that you end up with CF-Cache-Status HIT on all images, js, css, and fonts. If you aren’t getting a HIT, you likely need to adjust cache-control header on your origin or override with cache everything page rules.