When I update ANYTHING in Wordpress it doesn't show on live site

When I change a page and publish (or change ANYTHING) updates in Wordpress don’t show up on the live site. I cleared my Cloudfare cache and still nothing.
Any ideas?

What’s the domain?


It looks like there’s no caching at all for the home page. What change are you expecting to see?

I updated the menu to say Who We Are (under About Us) instead of Meet Us and to go to a different page (https://solar.solterra.com/who-we-are-solar/) but it doesn’t update. I also updated several pages which are no showing updates.

When I am logged into Wordpress and I view the pages/site I can see the edits, but if logged out they show the old content.

It says Meet Us, but the link goes to who-we-are, so something has updated. Just not the menu text. Still, the HTML that includes “Meet Us” is not coming from Cloudflare’s cache. It’s coming from the server. It sounds like you have some sort of cache plugin (not likely, as those are usually smart enough to purge after changes), or something in the server itself. You’d have to check with the host.

Considering that logged in behavior is different, I’m now leaning toward a caching plugin that didn’t purge.

nope that is how it was before
Meet Us > who-we-are
but I changed it to Who We Are > who-we-are-solar

The only caching plugin I have currently is the Cloudfare one.
I appreciate your help.

This is a subdomain of my main domain. Does that mean anything in this case?

Another update… if I change the url slug of the page I can see the changes when logged out, but I can’t do that for the homepage so the menu never appears updated.
Is there a way other then Purge Cache to clear the server-side cache?


The subdomain shouldn’t affect anything here.

I would suggest logging into your Cloudflare dashboard and toggling on the “Development Mode” option which will bypass Cloudflare’s caching. This will allow you to rule out our caching as an issue.

The homepage not updating could be a theme configuration issue. Sometimes certain themes require specific ways to set pages/widgets/slugs etc that are not always intuitive and updating one area doesn’t have the expected results. Reaching out to the theme creator after disabling Cloudflare caching should help further narrow down the cause of the content not updating.

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This particular issue occurs to me in a regular basis (mostly, because I am using Elementor Pro page builder (which is a nightmare I regret getting into)). Just like you, I am able to see the changes on preview mode from wp admin, but updates do not transfer to live browser.

In my case scenario (it might be yours as well), you need to purge/flush your hosting server’s OPcache, and/or the Varnish Cache.

Wordpress plugin repository:


Hope this helps.

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