When i try to resolve ip of my website it shows United States

But i am in Russian Federation, so why it shows server located in other country? Does it have a CDN in Russian Federation?


Cloudflare has a location in Moscow and another in St. Petersburg. A list of all Cloudflare locations is available here: Data Center Map | CDN Pop Locations Map | Cloudflare

The network routing is based on anycast. That means traffic is routed to the nearest datacenter. The distance is not measured in miles or kilometers, it’s measured in hops. That means maybe the distance (in hops) is shorter to a datacenter in the usa than to a datacenter in russia.

If you have a free plan, traffic will be also rerouted to another location if the nearest datacenter is busy.

Learn more about anycast: https://blog.cloudflare.com/a-brief-anycast-primer/

Makrus, thank you for the answer! Can i do something with that? Russian government ask us to place our servers in Russian Federation, but when we try to resolve the domain - it shows US. I think it can make some problems. I have a pro plan for my domain.

@MarkusHeinemann Maybe we can setup priority to russian servers for users from Russia?

Cloudflare does have servers in Russia, it’s just that the IPs themselves will geolocate to the US because that’s where the IP ranges are registered

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