When I try to go to my website it connects to my ISP

I want to start by saying I don’t know much about how this works I’ve been learning everything as I go I started my own business and I need a website I have no employees it’s just me so I’ve been trying to figure this out and it’s not easy any help or advice is greatly appreciated

I purchased a domain from namecheap and finally
figured out how to make couldflare the name server and I set up dynamic DNS on my pfsense firewall and got it to update my IP address on cloudflare now when I type the domain name into Google search it goes to my ISP router web GUI not my server I’m from what I’ve read that’s really bad so I need to figure out how to fix it fast I tried to do a port forward on both the ISP router and pfsense forwarding port 80 and port 443 http and https bit not sure If I did it right I forwarded port 80 it doesn’t let me choose source IP address and forwarded to internal IP address 192.168.x.xx port 8080( reason being if I type that into a search bar on my local Internet it connects to my server )but it changed nothing then i tried the same thing but with port 443 to port 443 still no luck so tried it on pfsense
interface =wan
address family
Destination=address/alias =xx.xx.xx.xx (public ip address )
Destination port from other 443 to other 443
Redirect ip = address /alias 192.168.x.x (internal IP of server)
Redirect port 443

I’ve tried same thing with wan address instead of public ip and port 80 instead of 443 going to port 8080 and port 8443 instead of 443

It may be obvious but I have no idea what I’m doing and I don’t want to keep opening ports

Can this even be done ?am I going about this all wrong ? Please let me know thank you so much for taking the time to read this
Take care and be well

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

Yes. There is no good reason to be running your business website on your LAN, especially given your experience level. Even running the site on the cheapest commodity hosting provider behind Cloudflare would be safer.

If you insist on using your home server to host your site, it may be worth exploring Cloudflare Tunnels. That would let you skip the port forwarding, but it is not without risk since you still are passing traffic into a host on your LAN. You appear to possess sufficient aptitude to handle setting up a Cloudflare Tunnel.

Another method worth considering is Cloudflare Pages, although its fitness will vary depending on what your site is expected to do, along with your ability to code the required functionality within the parameters of the platform.

If you want to explore your challenges with port forwarding, the Netgate pfSense forum is probably better suited to that conversation.

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Thank you so much for replying Im going to start reading that right now I appreciate your help … I was able to make a few changes don’t know if they were in the right direction but I removed all port forwarding rules on both ISP router and pfsense ,it no longer connects to ISP router it gives a cloudflare error page with error 522

The website is very basic just shows example of jobs I’ve done and services I offer with contact info the only reason I’m hosting on my own server is it’s free and i didn’t know I could host it anywhere else ?would that be easier or more secure can you recommend any place that can host it ?

If your site is a static website, you can host it on Cloudflare Pages for free! I linked to the relevant guides for that option in my initial reply. :grin:

Let me know if you have more questions.

No I don’t have a static IP I had to set up the dynamic DNS on my pfsense and I’m pretty sure i did it correctly when I check the DNS on cloudflare it shows my public ip address… So guess I can’t do the cloudflare pages but I’m looking into tunnels … looks like I have a lot of reading to do but no worries Im not the type to give up once I start something so now I have to make this work if not it will just bug the ■■■■ out of me and i know I’ll eventually figure it out in 1 month I figured out how to set up pfsense a Dell server running windows server a small n.a.s , ubiquiti controller with a few a.p’s created a few vlans and setup a layer 3 switch and I before I started didnt know much about any of it so I’m sure I’ll get this working all i can say is im thankful and grateful for all the people out there willing to help …

thank you for all your help advice and info I truly do appreciate you !

I remember that from your first post. :slightly_smiling_face:

You don’t need a static IP to use Cloudflare Pages. You need a static website, meaning once you create it, it stays the same until you update it and publish the new version.

If you decide to give it a shot and have questions, you can post them in Cloudflare Pages.

Oh ok, that’s exactly what I plan on doing with the website once I have it working the only time I’ll change anything is to update pictures every few months but I honestly just want to leave it alone and and not have to worry about it …thank you again! I’ll work on that today.

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