When I Try to enable DNSSEC it says "DNSSEC is already enabled"

I enabled DNSSEC but I didn’t get how to enable it on the registrar side, so I canceled the setup process. I did some research, and now I get it. But when I try to enable it again it says: “DNSSEC is already enabled”. How do I fix this?

Has been more than a couple of days since you turned it off?

It does sound like it’s stuck and you should open a support ticket: login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

When I click on “Enable DNSSEC” a red error pop up saying “DNSSEC is already enabled (Code: 1003)”. Any idea how to solve it? Thanks

Hi everyone - I took this to the PM for DNSSEC and learned that this is already being worked internally. You can probably expect a fix to roll out tomorrow (hopefully morning).

Sorry for any confusion and frustration.


I got this same problem and no fix yet.

Got the same problem too. Still not fixed, apparently.

H there, any update in this issue?
Got the same issue here.

Some issue, still no fix?

Same here. This wouldn’t have happened if the link they provided to show you how to configure it for various registrars was a new tab link rather than a link follow. I clicked the link hoping it would pop up a tab and it took me off the config page. I had no choice but to then hit back but by then the config page was gone and I had to click cancel. At that point, it was downhill from there to the error 1003 issue.

Still waiting… :wink:

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