When I try to click SSL https always cloudflare on chrome crashes

I try to put https always on my domains and when i try to do it it crashes i been trying all night and day, do any can help me?

Hi @mariogomezelche,

What, exactly, is the issue you are having? Screenshots and error messages are always helpful, as well as posting the domain name.

Was HTTPS working before you added the domain to Cloudflare? If not, get a certificate on your server and make sure it is all working over HTTPS before adding your site, ensure your SSL/TLS mode is Full (strict) and you should be good to go.

I found this topic with Google. For me chrome for android becomes unresponsive when accessing SSL, origin, HSTS “help” buttons on cloudflare dashboard.
I’ve tried at least 5 times on WiFi and 4G. I’m forced to close the tab and start over…im not able to do anything.

Same here.

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