When I tried to solved the Error 526 as Side redirect to my another site which was hosted in the same server

After starting cloudflare and redirecting its DNS , with the intention to apply SSL When I applied SSL Full (strict) option my site www.insysd.com was showing Error 526 saying invalid SSL, Then I searched for solution of the issue and found that rather using fully(strict) if i use only Full option then the Error 526 will be solved instently, so I use [Full] option instead of [Full (strict)] then my website directed to my another website , which is hosted on my same server www.foodszap.com , and this was until i stopped using “full” secured SSL option.
Then as 526 error said that the SSL of ny website was not valid , later on I have checked that the SSL issued to my domain is valid for next almost 365 days.
Now how to resolve this issue and how to make my site SSL secured with CouldFlare?


Hi @debasishsinha,

The way I often find easiest is to pause Cloudflare on the site, get it fully working with SSL and then enable Cloudflare Full (strict).

So how to do that ? The procedure ?

You can pause Cloudflare from the Overview tab of the Cloudflare Dashboard, bottom right under Advanced Actions.

You then sort the SSL on your server and once it is all working, enable Cloudflare again.

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