When I take the website off of pause I get timeouts

When I take the website off of pause I get timeouts. I have not changed anything in the CF configuration recently. When I pause the site on Cloudflare, the timeouts stop. It is the generic Cloudflare timeout screen.

Does anyone have ideas on what is causing this issue?

Hey there,

we have similar issues: Constant 5xx errors
and others too: Requests take 20+ seconds to get CACHED (!) response from cloudflare. Blacklist?

We have started first investigations around mid-September but could not find any clue. In this week the problems got really worse.

You can follow the status here, as it seems a global problem now: https://www.cloudflarestatus.com/ - You can see there that this problem is one of the longest ongoing topics in Cloudflare history. So all fingers crossed they can solve it soon.

By the way are you using any additional ad proxy like Ezoic or others?

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