When i should expect support reply?

This is the 4th day of creating ticket by community support team but i see no activity over it even when assigned to support team members my ticket id #2480990 and its supposed to be for pro plan domain 4 days passed for critical issue reported and no reply yet so how long time i will wait until i get support from Cloudflare for my issue ?


Is this WRT the streaming through Cloudflare and account restricted issue?

i think its related to some hosted files with .mp4 ext and in fact its not consumed what we can named bandwidth since its too low bandwidth usage and i never thought to serve mp4 file through your network since im already using bunnycdn for my videos hosting and those files was mistaken served so , NO NOTIFICATION OR WARNING SENT FOR ME , even with my pro plan for the domain its over than a year with this domain plan and this is my usage for last 30 days Screenshot by Lightshot 9TB half of them for the regular website assets so i consumed for last 30 days about 5tb bandwidth served for the videos with no plan to serve those videos through Cloudflare it was a mistake and i get punished by limiting my website serving and availability even if im paying for it , so the question is why i didnt get any emails from your side to stop the issue and fix it im already have unlimited bandwidth 2gb by OVH so its not issue for me to fix those videos , now my reply for your question is the restricted website issue not replied from support even if its already paid and will get your bill regularly ?

I understand you are frustrated, but sending that wall of text is very unlikely to motivate more people to jump in and try to help.

So, given that your website is already limited, there isn’t much you can do besides fixing the issue, the abuse team will review your site again in a few days and remove the limitations.
If the issue continues and those limits aren’t lifted despite the problem being fixed, we could try to scale the ticket; however, the abuse department is pretty isolated. The influence the community has is minimal.

Even though a mistake can happen to anybody, Cloudflare acted just as they described on their ToS; they are not obligated to warn you; it is your duty as account administrator to monitor and ensure you follow the terms you agreed upon registering.

OK lets say i will wait for few days of review , im already disabled serving videos from my internal storage and moved the files until now its 5 days based on my support request which is created by community team member here Screenshot by Lightshot + add another support members to the ticket but nothing happened so i expected even little words to calm me down like Please wait until abuse team review your website again to lift the penalty or please be calm the world will end soon , something like that to get little rest and assure there is something will be done up there :slight_smile: am i right !

As I said in your previous thread, support will not be able to help you with this as it’s an Abuse issue. They will only escalate your ticket to Trust & Safety and you can contact them directly on [email protected]. If you haven’t already, follow up with them.


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