When I make my "A" DNS Record it doesn't save

When I am saving my “A” record for subdomain for my community, it disappears after about 20 hours and is no longer a saved record, (members dot hubrandz dot com)

Do you know why that may be happening

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If you are using Ezoic integration, you need to update your DNS records in their dashboard, not Cloudflare. The Ezoic integration overwrites Cloudflare DNS records every day.

ohhhh, thankyou is it possible to delete ezoic with out causing problems i dont even use it

I logged into my ezoic account and it had a note: Please make sure your Cloudflare cache_level setting is set to ‘standard’. Otherwise our system will not work properly with your site.

Any advice?

I reccomend asking in the Ezoic Community.

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