When I log into my CloudFlare account there is no website associated with it

I’m confused on how to resolve this issue. I can’t make any changes to my site because it is somehow connected to this cloudflare account. I had an outside marketing team do this and they are no longer working with me. My website is thedowntheredoc.com

How do I get this sorted out without hurting my sites visibility?

According to your site, your web host is Webflow so it is there you need to make any changes to your site’s design or function.

Did you just create a Cloudflare account or is this an account you know had the domain in it?

If you need to make DNS changes, and you don’t have access to the Cloudflare account that the domain is in, then ask the ex-team if the domain is in their account, or if they created an account just for your domain. If the latter, ask them to give you access. If the former, then ask them to export the DNS records for you so you can create a Cloudflare account of your own, add the domain to it and then import the records.

If they can’t or won’t help you, you’ll need to take control of the DNS for your domain by setting it back to the Godaddy default, or using your own Cloudlfare account. You’ll need to know any DNS records for your domain to enter. Your site isn’t proxied (and knowing it is hosted at Webflow helps) so most of the information you’d need for DNS is hopefully shown here…

If you want to add the domain to a new Cloudflare account, follow the instructions here…

You will need to change the nameservers to those given for your new account (an additional pair of nameservers to those currently in use appears to be resolving for your domain so maybe you have added the domain already).

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